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A man in Utah wrote his own obituary and in it he confessed to some minor (and some not so minor) crimes and pranks.  Maybe this was his way of granting himself absolution?

Would you confess to anything in your obit?  Or would you take all your secrets with you?









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I don't have that many secrets.
My X saw to that. I never talked about her secrets.
I'm the guy who switched the chicken and duck eggs on the farm.
When it came time for momma duck to take her babies for a swim, they straightened out their parentage real quick.

Good one darroll....

That sounds interesting.


This is interesting, but also a tough one Slim. I've put some real thought to this, but keep coming back to the same thought. I don't think I could honestly answer this question unless I also knew the end was near. Sorry, I'm not ready to write my obit just yet. Give me another decade, and I'll be ready to spill all. 

I didn't mean for anyone to spill anything, (unless it's something harmless like switching eggs), I just wonder if you would confess to anything before (or after) you go.

Well....to simply answer your question...."No" ...unless they drop the charges way before my demise.

Another one:

We stole that girls VW bug at work.

We picked it up and carried it around the building.

Before we could ask her to look for it, she had the cops surrounding the whole town.

More fun to lift up VW and put 1/2 watermelon under tires and watch them spin before taking of.


I need pics!!!!!!!!!!!


That's pretty funny....




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