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Here's another one......guess this one and then keep it going.  Keep me guessing, post your best weird images...


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Is it edible....?
Does it occur naturally?
Would the health inspectors be concerned?
It's definitely edible and no, the health inspectors wouldn't be concerned....part of it is natural..
Looks like an orange with clove spikes in it. But that's not very edible. Curious.
A poppy seed muffin?
Close enough....poppy seed bagel.
You have now won an all expense paid week-end at Stir Young's place. Contact him for all the details....;-q
It looks to me like some kind of seed or even spore, but I can't get a sense of the scale or what they are sitting on. Alfalfa is smooth, hmmm... maybe poppy? I just went out and shook a pod and they look sort of like this.

Thanks for starting this, Bob, looks like we're going to have fun. That ferris wheel made me think of a spoon's-eye view of a dishwasher rack.

You'll probably all guess this right away, but it is so funny I had to share it.

Chez....those are poppy seeds...you're almost there.
I am so disappointed that I didn't win the trip.


Maybe I could just have the bagel as a consolation prize?
Is that an angle of some sort of bird that I will never be able to scrub from my brain??!!
mwahahahaha! It's my revenge!
You are a disturbed woman...;-D
This is news to you?




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