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International or domestic, municipalities, street names, geographical names--whatever. If it makes you laugh, list it; but be sure to indicate where it is.

In Norfolk County, East Anglia, England:

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inside Welcome Hall

Irony, thy name is "Welcome Hall." :>)

Orginal name was Halle Des Willkommen Maennerchor, built in 1899 by a German music society.

Town was named Willkommen by German Prince visiting in Spring with all wildflowers blooming. He sent 12 German families to settle land in 1852 but German Prince never returned. Welcome is in the surburbs of the City of Industry settled in 1831 and oldest perminent German settlement in Texas.

Interesting, Aggie. 

Toast, North Carolina

Downtown Toast, North Carolina

Crossroads of Toast and Old Toast streets in bustling (and toasty) downtown Toast.

how can you tell if toast is old?

Haha! Maybe it's green. Maybe it can be used like a throwing star. Maybe it looks like Benjamin Franklin...?

if you can take an eye out with it    it's old enough

I lived 18 mo outside Hazard.NE. Can’t figure out how to post a pic but it’s a tiny town around 70 or so...

Hey, Gypsymomma, nice to see you! "Hazard" is a great name. If I remember correctly, Richard Marx wrote a song in the 90s set there. 

If you want to post a picture, click on the image in the header of the text box that looks like a mountain--that's the "image" box. You can either choose to upload an image "From my computer" or "From a URL." Click on "choose file" if you're uploading from your computer, or fill in the appropriate URL if you're uploading from a website. :>)

Did Daisy Duke live in Hazard?





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