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International or domestic, municipalities, street names, geographical names--whatever. If it makes you laugh, list it; but be sure to indicate where it is.

In Norfolk County, East Anglia, England:

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Also in Norfolk County, England: Great Snoring   

Valentine, Texas

I bet a lot of proposals and weddings take place there.

That's if one of those 217 people is a JP and has a chapel in his/her house. :>)

Their Post Office is busy in February.

Image result for loveladies nj pics

I vote for Buttzville, NJ.

Muckatillo, Wa.

A real hot spot growing up PP.

There is a Fresh Kills, NY (originated from the Dutch), and Flushing, NY, (always made me smile). There are also those two towns in the Prep H commercial- Kiester and Tookus

HAHAHA! Are you serious? I wonder who founded Tookus--Fanny DeRrière (of the Brooklyn DeRrières)?

 Mosquitoville, Vermont




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