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International or domestic, municipalities, street names, geographical names--whatever. If it makes you laugh, list it; but be sure to indicate where it is.

In Norfolk County, East Anglia, England:

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Reply From Boring, Oregon


Climax, Michigan

The chartered bus is filling up quickly... ツ

sign me up,haha

The bus will stop overnight in the lovely city of Three Way, TN. 

How the town of Three Way, Tennessee, came to be 

Canadian ,Texas

More Halloween-themed town/city names:

Scary, Putnam County, West Virginia

Hell, Livingston County, Michigan

Slaughterville, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Fresh Kills, Richmond County, New York

Transylvania, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana

Blood, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Screamer, Henry County, Alabama

Paris Texas

Cowtown NJ

Where can you find Santa all year long ?




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