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can you tell us how many kids are dead today becourse thay have no place to live,or no place to eat, do we care about tham tell us who realy cares about tham

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I know there are many, as they walk the streets as night, there are children born of poverty, there are children to weak to fight, a glory they know not, a battle they did not make and a battle they have lost without knowing the fruits of life yet seen.... These are the angels and the teachers, way showers of what we have not achieved in the realms of compassion in the realms of a humanity. Volunteer and provide homes for the homeless children and most of all provide them with unconditional love and understanding..
i try i am one person who cares
It takes a community and outreach.
It takes a village to raise a child!!!!----we are seeing this lots with the latino housekeepers we have. They do not have PMS---when their children are sick, another one takes care of them. They care for one another. Are we missing something here?????-----I wonder why we are so jaded===yes, they get food stamps, free medical services. They are the working poor. But they really care for each other and their children. Not blood family, but the same as.
I was here in 87. Really glad to see they are still around and have grown.




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