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We all want what's best for our families and for our country and with rampant widespread turmoil throughout our great nation, Congress seems to be on the threshold of changing one of the key components in our society here in the USA: lowering  the voting age to 5 years old. While this notion  might seem far fetched to some.  this impending change is almost certain to be reality by the year 2020.
Young children today are much more aware of the world around them than our Neanderthal ancestors. No longer is television their main source of education  and news, (aside from school), but the internet has enabled today's toddlers to access information in ways they understand that was unimaginable just two decades ago.  There are some locations in our world today where 5 year olds and even younger children have a vital say in the decisions of their government.  These include places like The North Pole, Osh Kosh,Dutch Wonderland and Da Bronx.
Children in today's world can comprehend the infrastructure of business and industry, as well as the government ,health, violence, poverty, and the need to improve things here in America today. That is why Congress is making this drastic age reduction so children can vote for what they think is best for our nation too.
Of course, voting booth levers might need to be lowered and  new mail in ballots will be available to those tykes who are not yet potty trained. Both Hillary  and Donald are already  vying for the younger vote with promises of candy and ice cream,less school hours, increased allowances, no more vegetables, and a later bedtime. Proponents of the 5 year olds voting also feel that if a child is old enough to vote, he or she is old enough to join the military and defend our glorious nation.
Opponents of lowering the voting age  to 5 years old say this  is just rubbish and  nonsense and  quite dangerous as well. They feel our nation would become the laughing stock of the world if 5 year olds were allowed to elect our president or other government positions as well as other decisions on the ballot. Opponents say that children should be at least 6 years old before they can vote. But to dispute over one year seems pretty silly. It's a small world after all. it's a small small small small world.  

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Been checking the "where they stand on the issues" of my local and state candidates.  Maybe they're letting 5 year olds run for office already.

They can't do any worse than a lot of the inept incompetent lieing corrupt  politicians do today. 




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