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I mailed by ballot over a week ago.

I voted about 2 hours ago....waited in line about 30 minutes. Some lines in other precincts are about 2 hours long.

I did Friday before last. Since I was an Aggie living in the west end, they moved me up to the front of the long line.

I voted by mail.

No-one even told me who to vote for.

Most of the bandit's are not robbing trains, but running for office.

I voted this afternoon.

Thank-you guys for being good Americans.

Congratulations to those of you who are celebrating victory on national and local levels.  Condolences to those who are licking their wounds.

I'm doing a little of each.

So am I, EddieDingo.

I'm still celebrating!!!   On many levels!!!

I voted on Tuesday, by appearing at the voting precinct, and filling out my ballot.

I dunno, I guess I may qualify for an absentee ballot because of my status as a Senior, but I prefer to go in person to vote.

Its a nice feeling for me, to see my peers, in person, working the election, because they want to.  I stand in line with my neighbors, good friends, nodding acquaintenances and total strangers.

Its grassroots democracy....that's what it all boils down to. 




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