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It seems I have been terminated. Yes indeed. I am no longer welcome in the right wing group We The People. Apparently it has nothing to do with my opinions - which in fact I consider sufficient grounds to terminate my membership on TBD-Ning in it's entirety -=- he-hee! But rather it has to do with my insulting behavior. Imagine that. Me. Insulting.

I know. It's hard to picture. I think it must be that I suggested Judy get another avatar, because the one she is using is simply horrible. I think so. Don't you think so? Is that an insult? Or simple honesty?

And as far as insults go, it seems to me there was a certain level of quid pro quo - but never mind. It hardly matters.

Should you find the topic mildly entertaining, here are some links:

Post announcing my termination

Post of insults exhibit a

More of my bad behavior

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Just keep on being the best you that you can be and we'll all be happy!!!
Don't sound so glum and grim. As long as the air we breathe is still free, I'm absolutely positive that you will discover more people who will be roused by your inimitable charm and wit! Carry on, my good sir!
Zennie? WTF is that? I thought you were ZenDog! I would have left the group when they started with the made up monikers.
Yeah, I'd go with something more like the Zenster, or the Zeninator. Maybe even Zeneriffic. ;)

I would suggest Zen-meister - but that kinda sounds a bit presumptious . . .
After discovering that Zen is not yet fifty - I call my fiendish friend Zen Puppy. Wolf wolf! /;->

It's a backhanded compliment ZP - only the truly annoying and dangerous get banned!
You mean I'll have to wait till next year to be a 'big dog'?

but they sa -a-id . . . !!!
I would, you know? But I'm afraid it would be lonely with just the two of us.

Try tough questions and answers, or left wing politics
Wouldn't life be grand if they would only confine themselves to their little sandbox. But I feel somehow compelled to drop a huge turd in there at the moment.
oo - oo Sorry I missed it!
You did better than I would these days. After getting slapped by stoopid so many times I get light headed. I would have been left going, "HUH???" at the opening post.

But hey, if the Obama administration does start monitoring all of our discussions and such, it's perfectly legal because of the Patriot Act, right? I guess it was ok for the Bush administration to watch for keywords, just not this one.

And that free market crap... omg... where the hell have they been? It's just hard to hold a serious discussion with people who aren't in touch with reality, so all that's left is to treat them like the idiots they are.




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