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lets talk about what makes you tick what happens whan you are walking down the street and some one looks at you with a stair how dose that make you feel,what is your body telling you,or your mind,do not feel the fear tell us about that feeling.

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Let them stare away.
I just grin at them.
I would just smile and if they don't smile back, they are probably not focussed on me at all. They are just looking at something else and I am just in the way. It very seldom is about me. People are usually just thinking about something else. I have been on the other side of this situation. I was just blanked out. When the other person smiled, it brought me back to consciousness and I just smiled back and maybe said "hi".
Others have told me that this has brought a hostile response to their smile, but that has not been my experience.
why dont you go first it's your topic ?

I'm thinking I might blur the distinction between fantasy and reality for that person.

I check to see if my zipper is up.

Is that after you feel real with your self?

Since I have to pull it down to really feel, I guess that would be a yes.




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