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hey to my friends ...who around ..still feeling my way along..sigh..hate new..lol

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well that makes so much sense ..you go girl!!!
sorry ...open a bottle of Red ..soon you won't give a rip..lol..wings would have been good though!!!
ok so we got a few to help with the fun..we got The Red and pizza..(no wings )) but ...they say I'm Cocky....sorry jamming to the kid Rock......they say i'm cocky ...what???
lol you go girl is almost !0:00 here so I got a few glasses in on you...enjoy!!!

check this out!!! love the Orishas
I'll be right over Wendy.
No problem. Do you need Readi-Whip?
oooh cheesecake?????
ohh fading fast..been up since 5:00 am sigh ..red wine ...pizza and the thought of cheesecake..sigh gotta go to bed ..thanks for all who helped in my fun on this FRI was very fun...still learning on the how of this place but ...will be back .....to play more big hugs to all that played tonight!!!
The Readi-Whip was for later. Silly girl.
Good night Redwine, sleep in tomorrow. I'm very familiar with 5 AM myself.




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