TBD on Ning

hey to my friends ...who around ..still feeling my way along..sigh..hate new..lol

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Well TGIF then!
Same to you.

What time is it in the UK?
It's 4:15 PM here.
I am in the Mitten state... and it is about 7:30..and one glass of wine in..
Where the heck is the mitten state?

Now I get to show my ignorance.
T.G.I.F. 2 all my T.B.D. friends.
well Shit lets have some fun...it is Fri...and TGIF!!!!
I am playing my favs ...and sipping Red ..who /,,,wants to play with the Redness?
hey girl!!!
I am having a fine time listening to my tunes...and stumbling a long here....
Well whatcha got playing RedWine? Do share.
Jlee!!! welcome to my fri!
oooh what kind...???




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