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I thought there was a help room around here? Did someone rearrange the funiture?

And speaking of rearranging . . .

I used to be able to comment to comments within a given thread in IE or in Google Chrome - but not any more, no-no. Only in Mozilla, and then only SOMETIMES.

WTF? I say, wtf?

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Ahh, it would appear the solution is simply

del cookies

how about that?

Who do you call to get someone removed from the internet?

Go after their ISP.

Shaker Mafia.

Every time I try to load the 'We The People' page I get HTTPD Error 666 : Satan was here.

And probably still is.

How do I delete my profile?

A classic from the original TBD.

Can't believe how many times I saw that posted.

The most effective method was to be banned from the site and have the administrators remove it permanently.




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