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Here's the new song by Randy Newman:

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Unfortunately it is, but this song is a parody. Newman is offering the song for free online, but asking listeners to donate to the United Negro college Fund. 

It is a parody, but implies that there is underlying racism in one parties' approach to this presidential race (no pun intended).  Think he's right?


You tell a white kid to get a haircut and all is ok.

You tell a Black guy to get a haircut and that's racist.

You tell an Aggie to get a haircut and he says, "Which one?"


Welcome back Goldi.  I hope all is well with you and George.

Yes....it's still alive especially the deep South. And yes there are more racists in the republican party than the Democratic party......my opinion.


It seems to be alive and well in a lot of places, not just Washington.

Right you are.

I remember when we used to be racist against blacks.  Now we've become biased against all kinds of people.




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