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I am trying to put the word out that the funding to keep TBD Ning going is only through June.  I have no intention of putting more money in -- despite snide comments here, I did not give up on TBD easily, I did so after losing my own money, my friend's money, and years of unpaid work.  So if anyone wants to take over administrative duties (which means linking the account to a payment method), let me know.  

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Hi, Robin. I'm very sorry you've received snide comments here. I am so grateful to you for founding TBD & I still mourn the loss of the original tbd. I contributed last year to TBD Ning & am happy to contribute again this year, or more regularly, if need be.

What d's said. I am not a very good accountant but I am sure one of the regulars can handle that part.

Don't know who made the snide remarks. Don't think it was me. But at my advanced age I'm never quite sure what I said or did yesterday.

Seriously. I'm willing to help in any way possible. I'm willing to continue to be a mod. Currently that doesn't take a whole lot of effort. Willing to pitch in my share of the $s.

Need to do some planing but think we have time. I'm in Virginia right now, but will be back in Texas the first week of Jan. I'll drag out my "Ning for Dummies" book and bone up.

Dear Robin, I want to thank you for helping me find some of the finest friends I could have ever found on the internet. Your efforts will never be forgotten. I don't really feel qualified to take over the reins, but if no one else steps forward, I promise to do my best to keep this site up and running. (I think as Mod, Robbie would be the logical choice) But if there is no one that wants to step forward, please let me know what I would need to do to.

Peace, Love, and Monster Hugs!


PS. Anybody that has given you grief should be roasted over a slow spit. 

I just want to point out that Kat, (akabukowski) has been running the site for the last year or so. She stays behind the curtain, but is always there. I'm not sure what happened to the other Mods, with the exception of LLF.  Oh, and Vernin used to show up once in a while, but haven't seen him for months.

Anyway, we have notice and lead time. I'm willing to put in some extra time after the Holidays.

Think we should have a virtual meeting sometime in the future.

I found this discussion after private messaging to Robin about helping out financially this year.  I didn't know about all this and I still am behind on reading the postings, but I just want to put my vote in for a virtual meeting because I want to keep this TBD on Ning going, but I certainly don't want to "take over".  I would be willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Teebs, I think you would be great as a moderator here. I would definitely help with financial support. Let me know how I can help in any other capacity. Meeting you and the others from here opened a lot of doors for me. It's the least I can do to give back.

As I've responded to several of you privately, Ning charges about $240 year (they could change the rates, again, by June).  There are a variety of ways to get the community to pay for it.  I am just completely not interested in taking care of anything.  So you guys work it out, and let me know who takes over as administrator (which means supplying a paypal account for the billing, which will happen in June or July) before it expires.  Thanks.

I'm not certain what you mean. The current pricing structure for a NING Plus plan is $24.95 wthat includes up to 10,000 members with 10GB of storage. Are you saying you can't afford the $24.95 a month?

As far as apaypal account is concerned, NING is set up so they can be paid directly. I just don't seem to understand where you are getting your information. It runs counter to everything I do on all of my other NING sites. If you need someone to pick up the rather modest tab for this site, I'll be happy to do it and make the arrangements with NING directly once you turn over admin duties. This is not a complicated matter.

Robin, I would be glad to help support the site financially. Just let me know where, when, and how much to send. This site has been so good for meeting some really special people. I would like to see it continue. 

This was posted a year ago.  Robin the former owner and creator of the original TBD has handed the keys to EddieDingo who now has the site. 




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