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If I say the word 'vagina' will I be thrown off this site?

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No repercussions yet.

uttering the most offensive word in the English language


This guy has never had a roll in the hay. LMAO

I think you have to say it louder......

Please do!!!  It'll be fun especially if we make a word game out of it!!!!

Is there a word that rhymes with it?   Can we post pictures?

*restraining self.....  ;-)*

Any Georgia O'Keeffe flower painting image would probably do.

Here's one of my images that might work....

"Angina" rhymes with it.

Nothin' could be fina' than to be in....

I better not try to finish that.


No Slim, I don't think you will be thrown off this site for saying vagina. Heck, I never heard you say it. Maybe if you posted a pic you might get tossed. Maybe Ill get tossed for a pic if a vintage album I have. Mom's Apple Pie. circa 1972. And yes, it was "tossed" or should I say banned, shortly after it was released. No, I won't post a close up.




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