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Why would you want to live anywhere else? You Yankees just don't know what you are missing.

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Now that the people are noodling, where are the gators?

Good music.
Yep, love that cajun music.
Amanda Shaw is my favorite. Met her in a grocery store in Mandeville a couple of years ago. She's adorable, and can fiddle with the best of 'em. This is her narrating and playing on the Imax film, Hurricane On The Bayou. She was 14 or 15 when she did this.
A little more Amanda, the video isn't too good but the audio is decent.
I used to like Jimmy C. Newman.
Couldn't find any of his great music.
More Foufollet...
these kids are the best around
Here ya go darroll.
I like the people in the south.
I met this girl and she took me to her house to make me dinner and show me her hog dog and the new puppies.
That mama dog walked behind me, brushed up against me, then turned and ripped out a big piece of my new jeans.
We later went jean shopping.
Maybe she smelled Yankee on me.
LOL that is just too funny!

The girl had hospitality... I miss the friendlyness .... Washington state are not friendly.....Beautiful country bui cold people. My neighbor said to me one day "You are not from here" You are friendly say good morning...Respect for the people my community is important to me
Well, there's the ice and cold, especially the north winds and the noreasters which dump trucks full of snow on you (A nice trick in NYC). There's the gangs of convicts cleaning up the NJ turnpike, certainly a sign of home which brings tears of nostalgia to mind. Around Christmas, the Port Authority decorates the tollbooths with grimy colored lights, and collectors grumble something about a holiday as you are funnelled into the traffic backed up for miles at the Holland Tunnel. Dont forget the ice covered roads and the frozen chickens which somehow have to have running water.
Being from the South, you probably not familiar with astronomical property values, which force whole families, sometimes several families into tiny homes for monthes at a time. Brotherly Love we call it, and if we excersize it the way the good lord meant, the murder rate maintains it's preseason stready state.
Then lets face it, People from the south 'talk funny'. Imagine catching a self respecting Northerner getting all dressed up to go out and 'waller with the hogs'. Dinner and dancing maybe, but WALLERIN WIT DA HOGS?' Unless it's a champion sport, my friends, I think I'll be roughing it up north.
I'm not only a Yankee--I'm a d@mn Yankee...and I *do* know what I'm "missing"--if that's the word I'm after. More to the point, if I'm lucky, I'll just keep on missing it. ;)
If we are lucky




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