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I just joined TBD 5+ weeks ago, and now I've got to pick up and move again. I wonder if I will ever know love like that again....*sigh*....meh-mor-eees....

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I feel for u, i signed on to TBD also & was very shocked to learn of it;s closing.
Who knows, maybe we'll all meet up again on this new TBD:-)
hahahahaah it's like mass convergence......
I hear you. All my sarcasm will be lost forever. lol.
Glad to know I am not alone, I have been with TBD for 10 months. I feel like the new kid in school who doesn't know where to find any of the classrooms. I guess we are all in this together.
Hey, I did find one silver lining to this thing...in "Settings" you can kill the options to "notify everyone of everything I do". I don't think anyone cares everytime I "add a friend".
We are, didn't you know that...lol
It's ok, Brian, we'll help you pack!
I feel your pain... lol
Like the corners of my mind. Rosey misty colored memorieeeeees.....of the way we were!!!!!!!!!!!
You are in a better situation, really. You did not accumulate frustration. Just look around and see that this site has really nice features. I am not going to list them, it's too many of them. You will get used in no time. Good luck!
Oooh, yum, DOttie! Just EXACTLY what I was looking for! And this way, they're non-fattening, to boot!
Oh that is just too funny....you made my night for sure....LOL...I just joined TBD around that time...and I know, really know, just how you feel...
but have learned change is a good thing...and i kinda like it here....
"can't step into the same river twice"
good evening filled with love and laughter to all




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