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I was at the old TBD and I was reading a discussion about how we all need to delete our information on our profiles...so that information isnt floating around in cyber space after TBD shuts down...the person who put up the discussion suggested going to 'edit profile' , delete your information and replace the information with stars, or numbers, or letters,,,or any combination...so I did that...but dummy me...I changed my email and password on there too without thinking and didnt write it down...now I cant get back in at the old TBD...I guess I can rejoin...I am hoping I can do that .

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I'm sorry... but this really tickled the hell out me... thanx for the laugh.
Oh Darkhairblueeyes I feel for you. You should have contacted me before you did that. I would have responded as Bonnie did.

I agree with Bonnie. Yesterday is dead and gone.
I think maybe a number of people are panicking unnecessarily about things like this... after all, what if TBD stayed on the air for the next twenty years? Who'd worry about getting hacked then? If they wanted us, they'd have had us by now.
Some are even concerned about posts that they are leaving behind. I for one seriously doubt that anyone is going to spend the time sifting the debris for incriminating info on me...assuming that it could even be accessible. Though I must admit that I wish it were... what a loss, all those great discussions.
I just imagined somebody searching TBD to incriminate you, Chez. That was really funny.
I would have told you to contact the "King", but how would you have contacted the "King"? War is hell!

What a panic! And they got you!

Now every incriminating thing you said on TBD is floating around in cyberspace. Whoops, there goes one now. Quick, grab it!

And let that be a lesson to you missy. Now you have to formulate a new persona and email and birthdate (hey, you can be younger this time!).......

Still laughing......Thanks. I had a shitty day. I needed that.
I've done that a few times...........!
Me too. I lost all my friends. Stinks!
Sucks. You will get in girl!
So...ummm...we don't have to delete ourselves there?...
Clever isn't it? It isn't your fault. Your attention was captured and behavior directed on the basis of faulty information and your own previous experiences and knowledge of how things work.

I assume a bit of research was taking place while you were off line. I certainly hope so anywayz. It should be alright, though -funny isn't it? Things like that can, they can REALLY CHAFF MY BUTT.

Ultimately the problem is our society just has way too many secrets, and we're telling way too many lies. It needs to stop.




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