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If you noticed I haven't been on for a few days--you are right--I haven't.  Don't worry--I didn't leave teplanet...yet.  Actually itben a busy week in my home because my home was being meded.  FEMA's funding from the flood, along with some money from my home insurance liablity funds, (I didn't have any flood insurance), were spent this week on reparing the damages done by the recent floods to both my home and my land.  I had to be off the propery for a good amount of the construction workers working time, due to hazardous work area times--and othr time I was allowed to watch.  All in all they did a pretty decent job getting me back to better then new.


The grand total of the repair jobs?? 


House: $9,055.61


Land:    $1,419.21




AndI got to write hecks using other people's bank accounts!  How often does that get to happen?

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Whoo hoo, glad to have you back, and happy that everything is all fixed.




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