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I looked at a couple of groups I belong to and nothing comes up for discussions for example in the Book Lovers Cafe the creator does not show up when I click on the avatar. Does this mean the group is out of business?

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I know our fearless leader, http://teebeedee.ning.com/profile/EddieDingo, has been deleting some of the defunct groups.

I think contacting her would be your best bet, but please be patient for a response, as she is very busy.

It's true that TOS(that other site) did have a group first design and the only general area were the blogs....as to  an "open" forum; three things make it happen....content, content and promotion.  TBD or rather NIng has its design limits and promotion is one....and it starts with the "front" page and the options presented to the user....

And yes, participation is totally based on interest....interest in the subject, interest in the poster and interest in who and what they comment on....but always, content.... 

In my opinion all "closed" groups should be deleted. Why should one person have total say-so over who gets to join???

Although I have not been on this site long, it looks cleaner than most. While shopping around after some of the previous ones I was on shut down I saw some that had not only a lot of defunct groups but members that had not logged in for years.  I suppose there is some advantage for those sites whether intentional or unintentional as it makes membership and the site look more impressive at first glance. 

Yes Bob, those closed groups are a mystery.  It is the old dilemma.  You have to join so you can read the posts to see if you want to join.  Of course by then you have joined and have to unjoin if it is not what you thought.  Thanks for all the input.

Many, many groups have been recently closed.  There are a variety of reasons for this, the two major ones being:

1. The creator of the group is no longer an active member...without a creator, there is no one to monitor and moderate that group.  If the creator returns, they may re-open the group at anytime, but since there are only three 'part time' moderators on TBD ning, we have our hands full without having to take on the responsibility of abandoned groups.  If you have an interest in a group that has been closed to comments and are willing to take on the care and handling of such a group, you are welcome to start a new one. (http://teebeedee.ning.com/profiles/blogs/groups-in-limbo).

2. Some groups were created when there was little or no moderating of this site.  As such, many violate the TBDning guidelines (http://teebeedee.ning.com/group/communityguidelines).  These have been closed for obvious reasons.

No one has had their profile, group or content deleted unless they have violated TBDning guidelines and have first been asked to remove inappropriate material themselves...the exception being the use of unacceptable language (when I'm made aware of it) which is substituted rather than deleted.  While groups may now be closed to public viewing and participation, the material contained is still intact and available to the person who originally posted it upon request.  I believe in censorship to a degree, but do not believe that I have the right to remove or eliminate anyone's words or work that is within the specified guidelines.  This is the reason that the site may not be as 'tidy' or organized as some other social networking sites and although groups, profiles and blogs may now be inactive, I do not believe I should delete them to oblivion. 

Thank you, Miss Dingo. This should answer all questions concerning groups, and alleviate any further doubt on anyone's part as to the fairness of this site.




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