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I think in the last two days I've killed three discussions/threads. How many have you killed? who is the all time tbd thread killer?

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What's with all the "line" comments? Is there a point waiting to be made...just wondering....

Robb and Pru are off flirting with real life.....'prolly not together.....:-)
They'll be back...eventually..
Oh, there is a point all right...
Sort of like hot potato, whoever kills the thread will have bad luck for 7 years.
or is it good luck for twelve years?
maybe forever....:-D
I just counted 5 pages back and between Jaylee and myself we've killed 9 threads......course when there's only 10 of us here, it's fairly easy...
Do we get a gold star or a cash prize or a trip for two for two nights and three days at an exclusive resort in the South Pacific?????
Somebody please let us know........Robin are you listening??? does anybody care????
Well, for what its worth, I care, Bob.
Thankee, Sai.....
A brief musical interlude for your Monday afternoon....

Reply by realteal on July 9, 2010 at 9:18am
Where's Larry when we need him? He posted something recently about conquering toenail fungus. Shouldn't that be a killer?

Honestly? I thought that you talking about Larry talking about it would have been enough to the kill the thread.
Something or somebody....sooner or later....by the way, this makes post number 100.




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