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Ed Koch is dead. Dead at 88.

Koch was the mayor of New York, New York City that is, from 1978 to 1989, critical years for the recovery of the City from the brink of financial disaster and crippling crime and disorder.

He did not create a Renaissance, but he did create a basis for New York to recovery and reestablish itself as a leading world city and model for what can be done and has to be done to maintain and grow the urban experience in the United States. He did it with direct action, that government and the people affected needed to look to themselves to solve their problems and provide answers and not wait for some else to do it. It took action, such as, to take back the streets with active and involved policing. It took doing that, that was not popular but was effective to making a difference rather than making political factions happy and well compensated.

In the end the job of mayor is at best a grind, that needs humor, resilience and general understand of communication even if what is said isn't popular or flattering.

Ed Koch was a man of the people, as he saw it, and served the people of the City of New York, well.

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RIP Mr. Mayor....

He was a true nonpartisan and gave both sides hell when they deserved it.

I remember watching him on the old Phil Donahue Show once. The guy was fantastic.




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