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It has been so long that I now divide my life into when I could get sex and after no sex.

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Im 65 and the last time I had an intimate relation with my wife was June 23,1985..... Hey but who's counting??? I have a great relationship with my right hand though.
Wow! some of you people sound terribly deprived! Think you should get signed up on some dating site or something!
funny funny funny
Chez will pick you up from the airport, in a rented Ferrari because she's wasting no time.

LOL, I have not even received one invitation for a coffee, I actually tired to ask a man out a few months ago, the produce guy at the market.... he smiled and say "I'm married".
it is something other people do.... but not rusty and not gracie.... boo hoo
checking out this map of where the singles are in the US according to sex, it may be awhile for me. I am in central Va. there is a big orange dot here, meaning the competition is fierce.

damn the link won't work.
Patience is the better part of valor - Into the valley of death went the 500!
Wait, Alendar, that's discretion. I aggravated Will with that one already once this morning.
Hi Jack

I am actually losing interest, I do that when I feel something takes more effort to
achieve than it is worth.




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