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How do you respond to invitations to be someone's friend, when you don't know the person, they belong to no groups, and they have not posted in any discussions? I usually ask them "Why me? Something in my profile? Something I posted?" Most never respond, but some do. They may say they like my avatar, or something else. But do you accept someone (who may even seem sincere) without knowing anything about them?

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I like to be friends with folks that are in the groups. Why would they want to be friends with me? I do not write that well, and I just an average jane. I like everyone, but thats all folks_____@#$---and I have no money!
If the person has not included an intro. with their request (which means they have clearly not read my request for this), and they have yet to partake in any conversations or participate in any of the groups (and if their profile is set to private) - then I don't accept the request. I've had enough experience with people with phony profiles (seems more are being created daily of late) to be careful as to who I add as a "chum"!
depends on what they look like!
you can always delete them!
I don't.

I mean, What the Hell? No Picture, No Bio ("Personal"), No Groups, No Posts to see if we'd agree on anything - But they wanna buddy up with me?

Please. The "Wholesome Ukrainian Girls Looking For American Husbands" spam on TBD was suspicious enough, don't you think? Now this..."Hi! We've never spoken or communicated in any shape, form or fashion, but I want to be your SPECIAL INTERNET FRIEND!" Maybe we should all just go hang out at serialkillers.com. At least then we'll have a pretty good idea what kind of people we'd be taking a chance with...
I had someone who wanted to be my "SPECIAL INTERNET FRIEND." But he turned out to be a stalker so I had to kill him and eat him.

I made meatballs and Fed-Exed them down to Prunella Farquar, she liked them.
Ed was a pretty big guy. So... you got what, about 200 pounds of alpo flavored meat balls? Do you plan on sharing, or is this going to be your own private stash?
I've got a bone but it's buried in the back yard. Wanna help me find it?
Thanks for the plug for my new website.
The guy I am talking about did respond to my "Why me". He said he liked several different things about my avatar,(which changes a lot) my My Page, and generally seems like a nice guy. So far he has not posted, and has 12 friends. And all of the friends are female. So I am curious how I turned up on his radar.
LoL! Don't forget downright CUTE!
Bubba - How can you be even a virtual "friend' with a person you have not crossed paths with in some way? If they comment to your comment or you to theirs, if you're in the same groups, or they're a newcomer who comes from your state, it makes sense. It's nice if they add a message too.
There are some folks who ask you to rack up the score, and they have, like, 20 new friends a day, and they're all from the same gender. Not my thing....
There's one person who has over 400 friends. Huh?




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