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If you watched the MTV awards instead of the football games last night....you were exposed to an illegal procedure penalty of a different kind. If you watched football instead of the MTV Videio awards show...you apparently missed a big red flag. I am just going to post the link here--and you be the judge as to what happened!


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I'm on dial-up, I think I said that. But let me guess . . . she was getting an award for . . . Fearless? Is that the name of the album? I've heard it has sold an unbelievable number of copies . . .

So he announced that she won and became a real jerk?

Sounds like iconography to me. It might be interesting to review some of the lyrics, but it might not be that. It might just be the title. It is an icon in it's own right, and some would prefer to have us all fearful and silent.
Not before I reinstall ZoneAlarm, I assure you.
Was the album Taylor Swift was getting the award for titled Fearless?

I think it must have been, I think I caught something on the tail end of Oprah last week about the album when I turned the tv on for the news.

Tends to make me believe he has his own little band of intimidators and he felt he had to do something to keep them all in line, or someone twisted his arm, really really hard . . .

Unless it was for cash, cash is a wonderful inducement.

Then again it is always possible he just comes by being a jerk quite naturally -- kinda like me . . .
Sorry i missed
he is always apologizing for everything!




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