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I can't find DD's hot haiku thread, so I thought I'd start a new one. My guy has "erotic" words fridge magnets & we've started leaving fun, erotic haikus for one another on the fridge, so it's made me want to write some here as well.

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The moon on the rise

My passion rising for you

Two shall set as one

Wonderful, Daddieo!

I just thought...If you find you have one of your amazing photos that would illustrate a haiku...PLEASE don't hesitate to post it!

...well, as a matter of fact...hahahaha!...


The moon on the rise

My passion rising for you

Two shall set as one

FABULOUS!!! Thanks!


That persistent ache

I see the look in your eyes

I want you deep, deep

cornflower blue eyes...

one perfect tear penetrates

from the inside out


soap foam swirls down slow

her gasp muffled by hot steam

face pressed against tile

Mmmmmmmmmm, Drew. Lucky S.

my finger trails down

his oh, so lovely belly

desire fills the air

touch lingers too long

our lust undeniable

envy of the crowd

Oh, yes...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you and your Beloved--what a sexy sight. And you know I know so well...


you hold me tightly...

coeds lick pink, cupid lips

coveting your touch






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