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Remember my post on the old TBD - I needed suggestions of boy names?

We need more. She is going to name him after her best friend's ex-boyfriend if the best friend gives her ok. I said that would still be wrong. I would have a hard time of it if she named him after my ex.

So, everyone, boy names, two or more syllables, ANY Letters, middle name will be Robert.



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Conservative? How about George, Dick or Mit?

There is always Jonathan.
Dalton, Colter - two names I like.
And again the response would be

"Have you 'met' my husband."
Brain Fart...have I met your hubby? Guess I jumped out of the window too soon :-)
Naw, Good American name John Boy, or maybe Billy Bob
All good names. I like Sam. Sammy.
amy computer is slow and doing weird things.
They speak Spanish. But we digress.
Rydell, Rufus, Rinder
You'll want a longish first name to fit a short last name, so your suggestion of Samual is good. Two syllables. They can call him Sam on the playground.




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