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Remember my post on the old TBD - I needed suggestions of boy names?

We need more. She is going to name him after her best friend's ex-boyfriend if the best friend gives her ok. I said that would still be wrong. I would have a hard time of it if she named him after my ex.

So, everyone, boy names, two or more syllables, ANY Letters, middle name will be Robert.



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Addison, Arian, Bryston, Byron, Brody, Carlin, Darien, Darron, Deston, Devin, Diego, Dracen, Ethan, Evander, Grayson, Hadden, Jabari, Jerrin, Reese, Renato, Rafael, Kamran, Kanelo, Karsen, Kenzie, Kyler, Logan, Madison, Makani, Marcello, Mason, Natan, Nevin, Nico, Odell, Orian, Paige, Parlan, Pavan, Peyton, Piero, Piers, Saber, Sage,Sancho, Santiano, Santos, Saviero, Seth, Sharif, Sheridan, Sky, Stefan, Syrus, Tai, Tait, Tanner, Thane, Tyler, Uriah, Varian, Vartan, Wade, Weston, Xavier, Zaine, Zamir, Zarek...
Holy smokes, Dark. From this list I'd have to go with Uriah.
Justin, Caleb




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