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Remember my post on the old TBD - I needed suggestions of boy names?

We need more. She is going to name him after her best friend's ex-boyfriend if the best friend gives her ok. I said that would still be wrong. I would have a hard time of it if she named him after my ex.

So, everyone, boy names, two or more syllables, ANY Letters, middle name will be Robert.



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I like Tristan, that was going to be my grandbaby's name if she were a boy.
Also, I like Morgan.
I'll try to think of some more.
I have always liked the name Zachary. It's a fairly "safe" name that is not easily twisted for humiliation either. Do you have any background info..i:e..region of birth, significant geological landmarks, or relatives names from either side that you could share?
Ah, he is a Jr and doesn't want the baby to be the third.

Big families both sides all the names taken

Also, she works with children and some names remind her of a problem child

Hungarian, German, English on her side

His side I don't know - last name May

No religion on either side


# NIKOLA (Cyrillic: Никола): A derivative of Greek Nikolaos, meaning "victor of the people." In wide use throughout Europe: Basque Country, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia.
This is the Hungarian but it could go to Nickolas or a more English spelling. Nicholas Robert May...or May not :-)
Cousin Nick

So no, but I would vote for it anyway
Devon, Dylan, Gary, Andy

For that special zip, Seven, Alfredo or Moshpit......
Brian; Zane; Weston;

Someone some where is now upset that you are making fun of their name.


I think it flows don't you? Moshpit Robert. See? :-) and yes I'm really smiling.
you could call him Mo Ro

And my daughter would answer "Have you met my husband?"

He is the conservative one when it comes to names.




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