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You mean we can't sue Mother Nature?

No, but you can talk to an chair.

Hahhahahaaahhaaaa!   Gawd that was painful.....:->

I like Eastwood, and that was really painful to watch. Someone should have out an end to it. I especially cringed when he quipped about lawyers being presidents, forgetting (or perhaps not knowing) that Romney and Obama are Alumni of the same law school (Harvard law), and the other quip about Afghanistan, when he said something like: did we forget to check with Russians, forgetting or not realizing that it was Bush who sent the troops to Afghanistan.

Does anyone want to help me celebrate an unretirement?

Turns out 2 other Aggies retired yesterday and one was also named Randy.

Working for myself this weekend on the farm.

I notice that even when Churches were full to capacity, natural disasters did not stop occurring. Perhaps we should accept the obvious: natural disasters are part of living on dynamic planet, and that we don't fully understand natural cycles.




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