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HEADLINE: Some states preserve penmanship despite tech gains

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I hope so.

What good is it to type your name and click.

A lot of people use electronic signatures these days.  I'm with you, I prefer a unique and hand penned name.

Don't fence me in.

I  was taught cursive but have discovered if I want to read it again I print.


Same here, Aggie.

There are 6-8yr olds who will never have to learn to keyboard.   Mouse's are on their way out.

You are right Jaylee, by the time these kids get old enough, speech recognition will be the wide spread.  

I still prefer my Big Chief tablet and #2 pencil.....

*and crayolas.......the big box*.

Yup, I'm with you, Bob!

Ahhhh, Do you remember getting the big box? 64 beautiful crayons and a built in sharpener in the back of the box. The good old days!!

So should I give up on the class for handwriting analysis?  Another job down the tubes

Maybe you could get and job as an interpreter and translate handwritten documents to our youth.  I'm sure they'll someday want to know what the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence say.




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