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HEADLINE: Some states preserve penmanship despite tech gains

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Hang in there, we have a knee jerk society.

Sorry Eddie, I don't think the young ones look away from the hand held contraptions long enough to look at an interpreter.

Well, I think cursing is something a kid should learn from overhearing his dad swear, or maybe from some of the older kids in his school.

I, uh..............

Oh, cursiVE, you say?

Well then, I guess I don't have much of an opinion on that subject.

Ha ha, I remember once asking my dad what a word meant that I saw on the sidewalk, whew! I spelled it out to him because I'd never heard it before. Yikes what a lecture I got. It was the F word.

I am using an iPad right now. My first choice would be good ol pen and paper. I use a at keyboard with computer at work because all of our client files are computerized. I remember when we wrote group and individual notes on paper. That takes me back a while and certainly dates me. Am glad I am on my way outand not on the way in. (at work I mean)

 I see cursive writing less and less...it's not a requirement of the curriculum where I live, but perhaps a nice to know skill to develop. I have given students sample practice pages when they have expressed interest. I've has parents ask me to give them some direction of where to find instruction. It's readily available on the internet...it's a matter of interest between the parent and the student. Writing is  merely a comunication tool...there are many ways to accomplish  the task.

It's something we remember from our schooling....like weekly spelling tests...relics of the past.

They are still teaching manuscript writing...you know, printing...in the early grades...that is the standard style now...rather than learn one style in the early grades and then learn another in the form of cursive...the focus is learning keyboarding and learning word processing skills...things do change.




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