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This headline comes from an article on 'The Ticket' website (click).


Do you know who he is?  Do you like him?  Do you dislike him?  Was he a good choice?

Will he help Romney's campaign?



Strongly pro-life

In favor of restricting bankruptcy rules

In favor of banning same sex marriage (and constitutionally defining marriage as one man, one woman.)

Supports the Patriot Act

In favor of protecting the Pledge of Alligiance

Supports banning adoption to gay couples

Believes stockholders should determine executive compensation

Is considered pro-business

In favor of stricter prosecution on juvenile crime

Supports a 'hard on' drug stance

In favor of state testing in schools

In favor of leaving "God" in the pledge and allowing prayer in schools

Supports new refineries and off-shore drilling

Supports the 'Amber Alert' program

Is considered 'pro-family'

Supports restricting funding to the UN

In favor of Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China

In favor of free trade with Peru, Australia, Singapore and Chile

Supports WTO

Is considered pro Free Trade



Against embryonic cell research

Against regulating the mortgage industry

Against renewal of public housing

Against gay marriage

Against Flag desecration

Against criminal rehabilitation upon release from prison

Against border military patrols to control traffic and terrorism

Against needle exchange programs and legalization of medicinal marijuana

Against granting additional spending for education

Against increased scholarships for blacks and Hispanics

Against tax incentives for conservational and renewable energy techniques

Against improvements to AMTRAK

Is considered 'anti-environmental'

Against animal fighting

Against increased funding for world debt reduction


There are plenty more of his stances posted on this website (click).


One of the biggest obstacles that face the Romney campaign having chosen Ryan is that the Wisconsin Representative is architect of the budget plan that wanted to eliminate Medicare. 


On most issues he is a firm republican, the one issue that echoes any liberal sentiment is that he opposed the internet censorship issue (SOPA).  I'm sure that this is in defense of the First Amendment.


Any thoughts on this choice?









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The guy is already getting bashed.
Now come on.
Why do they think republicans love dirty water and air?
“Against increased scholarships for blacks and Hispanics” End quote.
Why can’t they increase scholarships to all people of college age?
Pro life= Women’s business only.

I don't think this is bashing because the source for this is his own voting record on House issues.

One of the issues that he voted against was a scholarship increase for blacks and Hispanics, so this article took it in that context.  I agree that scholarships should be increased to all, but Ryan also voted down increased educational spending. Whether this is good or bad depends on your own political point of view.  Perhaps he has an idea of how those funds could be put to better use?

I posted this mostly to give an idea of where he stands on the conservative scale.  From the data in these sources I have formed the opinion that he is a very solid Republican and isn't likely to waffle or compromise easily.  It also gives me the impression that he is not likely to wholly support Tea Party agendas.

Frankly, I have a much clearer picture of him than I do of Mitt Romney.

I'm sure that he loves clean water, he is a catfish noodler and you can't do that without a healthy outdoor environment.  His voting record, however, indicates that he has priorities that override many of the conservation issues that have been on the table. 

I'm not impressed.

I was even somewhat impressed by McCain.

Why does Obama waste his time smearing these guys?

Don't know about him much.  He is the one that was behind personhood?

I may be wrong.

Some say our destiny is set before we are born.

I think this coming election is proof of that.

You don’t got thru life stomping on people and then expect respect.

This kind of explains it for all politicians.


This is a quote from Fuzzybutthole on another web site..

If he were a better man, Mitt Romney would have one of those dark mornings of the soul. He would wake up after a bender on virgin appletinis (known as "apple juice in a fancy glass" to the rest of us), unshaven, viciously moussed hair disheveled, and stagger into the bathroom in only his magic underwear. He'd tiredly root around for his penis and take a sputtering leak, as befits a man of his years. Then he'd look in the mirror, trying to remember what he did the previous night. He'd think about all the conflicting promises he made to donors, all the people he pretended to like. As he stared deeper into his bloodshot, sinking eyes, no longer assisted by copious amounts of highlighter, he might think about the past, think about how he made his money, how he spent it, how he didn't care about all the people who fell by the wayside in his march to demonstrate that he was the king of profiting from the ruins of others, a fancy junkyard salesman who occasionally repurposed the heaps of metal into a working mousetrap, but was just as likely to merely polish the garbage and sell it. Yes, if Mitt Romney were another kind of man, an honestly self-reflective man, he might stare in the mirror, think about why most predictions were that he would lose the election that he had spent over half a decade running for, ponder the situation he found himself in, question his very existence, and conclude, "I am really a dick."

As people begin to write pre-mortem postmortems of Mitt Romney's campaign, you're going to see many question why and how, how in the world, indeed, could a candidate of Romney's vintage be losing. There will be conservatives who are smug about Romney having never been a true crazy right-winger. There will be conservatives who try to throw him a life preserver, like bald demon Reihad Salam at CNN, whose "Why Mitt Romney Is Losing" editorial is full of floaties. For instance, Salam posits a fantasy Romney, one who actually comes up with plans to, say, regulate banks once the weak Dodd-Frank bill is burned by some fantasy Congress. On the left, Charles Blow in the New York Times says of the one-term governor's strategy of just plain, fucking lying about what Barack Obama is doing, "Romney has to find a line of attack that works because there is a creeping feeling beginning to overtake part of the electorate that his candidacy is in trouble. The problem is that these sorts of desperate, baseless attacks only amplify the sense of panic."

But there's one overriding reason that Romney's candidacy was doomed: he is a completely unlikeable prick. And, unlike the fake self-aware Romney above, he doesn't give a shit that he's an unlikeable prick. In the world he existed in before running for president, one can be admired for dealing with others as an unfeeling asshole. That might be how cutthroat investment schemers work, but Romney is fast learning that people are not corporations. We give a damn who we're dealing with and who's fucking us over, and anyone who isn't so deluded by swallowing the Rush Limbaugh chowder on Obama or just being plain racist can see that Mitt Romney is not only not someone you'd want to have a beer with, but he's someone who, given the right circumstances and the right bar, you'd want to punch in the nose for being such a self-righteous cock.

Now, how do you, if you are Mitt Romney, overcome that? Well, short answer is "You don't."

The long answer is that you need to have something that mitigates your innate dickishness. A compelling back story? Um, "privileged son of a politician who bullied his classmates at prep school and who, while Americans his age were bleeding out on rice paddies in Vietnam, spent over two years living in a lovely mansion in France and trying to cajole Parisians into becoming Mormons" doesn't work.

You could have a demonstrated record of doing something other than making money for rich people. Sure, you could push the Olympics experience, but that just makes you look like an asshole for placing yourself above the athletes. A better man, which you are not, could say that providing health insurance for most everyone in Massachusetts is a pretty awesome accomplishment, but your weaselly refusal to say it's a generally good thing just reconfirms that you are a craven, power hungry dickhead.

You could offer a real reason why you want to be president. But other than "That Obama sure sucks," you have offered no reason other than an inferred "Boy, I'd make a great president, for sure." And, again, that seeming expectation, that feeling of inevitability, of both your nomination and your win? That just makes you seem like the awful human being you really are.

A secret source of the Rude Pundit's (yeah, fuck you, Politico, the Rude Pundit's got those, too) said they recently spoke to a bunch of Republican officials who are genuinely embarrassed that they have to support Mitt Romney. One can only imagine the pain of having to grit one's teeth and say that the giant peckerwood next to you should lead the nation. Christ, Romney is such a stiff tool that he makes Bob Dole look like a charmer.

No, this isn't the most sophisticated analysis. But why bother when the conclusion is so obvious? The fact is that most of you reading this, on the left or right, are coming up with another dozen ways that demonstrate Romney is an unbelievable putz. If nothing else, Romney's pricktastic ego and endless supply of money will make the next few months amusing, as he degrades himself and his party further and further with such unsubtle, obvious lies that at some point the word "liar" sticks even more than "dick."
End Quote

Pretty perfect assessment of the man I would say.

I think I figured out the run for President of the United States.

The republicans say It’s my time to win and the democrats say hell no you won twice with Bush.

Your turn.

Is his brother Nolan Ryan? Nolan Ryan paid for my prime-rib Monday before last at College Station.




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