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It's a high price to pay for attention.

Part of new world order to get people back in Walmart and boost the economy of China.

Copy cat punks.

Copycat - too much information in the media.  I agree that there is too much focus on the topic chasing that advertising dollar/market share.  We inundate people who are unstable and they copycat in a stress reaction.

Of course this is a much copy cat as a way to get attention as it is an angry, frustrated and deranged guy, and yes, it is guys.  Ever since Charles Whitman climbed the tower on the University of Texas campus the public has faced the anger of such men and such men have had their anger and grievances exposed in the media along with the body count.  Since then we have gone postal seemingly every few months or so, with differing targets but mostly the same results ending with suicide or suicide by cop  And this is not even to include domestic violence that has more familiar targets but similar results including how things end.  

We are a violent society, use to using violent means to gain whatever those that do it think there is to gain, even if it is only a pair of shoes or for a show of a lack respect.  We can blame the means but it is the motive that is violent, and it also means that we don't know how to prevent this from happening, that there are those amoungst us that can and will do this that we simp;ly do not know or know what they will do.

Thank God this guy did not know how to operate his stolen weapon.

Yup to that.  

And now every one that knew him says how nice and quiet guy he usually was.

Isn't it strange that he takes the trouble to wear a bullet proof vest then ends up shooting himself.

If he was intended to die right there he was sure to miss any media attention if that is what he was craving.

And now close to 30 dead at a grade school in Connecticut. This is a crazy world we live in, and sadly, I believe it's only going to get worse. I hope I'm wrong. 

I seldom comment on things like this.  I noticed the news beat it into the ground .... as usual!


The blame.....lots of places, can not really pin it one and say that is it.  I often think that the good old government is letting us down again.  The funding of state mental facilities cut to the bone and people like this let out to roam and harm anyone they get a mind to.  The violence on TV.......parental failures......the news media. People say stricter gun laws, that is a joke.....if you really want a weapon you can find one....filling out all those forms for a background check .......only the law abiding....sane ..... people do that.   Oh well take your pick.

I just feel SO SORRY for the parents of those children who were killed by a person, who obviously must have showed some signs of being off his trolley and no one paid attention.  Plus especially so close to Christmas, this will always haunt them.  Well...that's my 2 cents worth.

In Oregon, They put the nuts out on the streets to save money.

The solution is free, quality mental health care for everyone who needs it. Coupled with the treatment is recognition of mental health issues and a concerted effort to remove the stigma attached to mental health issues.




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