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HEADLINE: Florida man dies after winning cockroach-eating contest

Lately, I've enjoyed posting links to articles about stupid people doing stupid things.  Perhaps I should use the word 'foolish', because we all did things that we now look back and regret.  Those kinds of escapades are the experiences that make us the wise, mature folk that we are today.

Unfortunately for Edward Archbold, he will not be able to look back and shake his head in retrospect.  He ate some bugs and died.

I think he should have paid more attention to his mother's words.  Doesn't everyone's mom tell them not to eat bugs?


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He should have smoked them.

That's a 'groaner' TeeBub.

It's what I'm known for Eddie. 

He should of licked snot off of a door knob, sounds tastier.

I wonder if that would kill you?

Should fry them and add chocolate first.

I hope to die at the top of my game also.  Or at least retire undefeated.


Don't die on the way down.




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