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HEADLINE: Bad news at Fox News? Hannity’s ratings plummet

While radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh's ratings fluctuated quite a bit during 2012, both Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly have suffered a television viewership decline since this year's November election.  These enthusiastic (extremist?) right-wing pundits underwent a surge of popularity a few years ago and they were frequently thrust into the spotlight for their 'personal' views made public.

Have they run their course?  Do they have anything left to tell us?  Do you think that they provided support to a party that needed the reassurance that their beliefs were still strong and valid or did they only serve to splinter the party with expressions that were a bit too right-wing?  Are they fading into the shadows?

By the way, has anyone heard from Glenn Beck lately?



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Maybe a lot more of their audience - Old white males - just plain died off in the last year than anybody realizes. Obituaries rarely list political party affiliation.


Limbaugh's big failure last year was that he violated the central tenent of the GOP: He LOST A LOT OF MONEY, because he shot his mouth off. They don't care that what Limbaugh said was hateful, misogynistic and a fat whopping lie - It COST THEM MONEY when advertisers yanked their ads from Limbaugh's show. THAT'S the ultimate No-No for the GOP.

I'm pissed at the GOP for running two losers in a row.

What is so hard to understand about conservatives?

You don't spend more money than you have.

If they continue down this road (libs), they will call on the smart people for a fix.


Limbaugh got into trouble when he balked about paying for some old college students birth control. Instead of the libs going after Limbaugh, they went after his sponsors.

The poor complain that the rich make money off of them, thank God this kind of thinking is out there. (the smart can make money off of this tactic)

The sponsors lose money and they raise their prices and the poor bimbos get exploited right out of their money or the government gets screwed. Boy they really screwed Limbaugh, didn’t they.

You're dangerously misinformed, Darroll. Just the way the GOP likes it.

Snag, I think you are right. It is evolution. The audience they preyed upon has died off or changed and as a result they are having to adapt or move on.  I noticed the Michael Savaged also disappeared from the scene last fall (although it took me three months to notice).  The future of right-wing gasification of the radio waves may be in doubt if the population morphes into one that will not submit themselves to 12 hours of redundant brain washing every day.

Darroll may also be on to something. When the GOP has a winner the right-wing radio talkers took the credit. When they lost the Limbaughs and such distanced themselves with a holier than thou sounding, "If only they had listened to me" on campaign strategy.  Rest assured if Romney had won, Limbaugh would once again be in the Lincoln bedroom.


I don’t think Limbaugh wanted/expected Romney to win. I sure didn’t. He was bitching about Obama Care and Obama copied it from Romney care.

One thing bad about thinking peoples, you can’t brain-wash them. I voted for Johnson.

I don’t listen to Limbaugh anyway. (the last time I heard him, he sounded like a dog with his tail between his legs and getting ready to run).

The best advice I got about these hard times was from Bush. The conservatives are mostly doing very well and not by robbing the poor but listening to the decisions being made in Washington.


Fox News is to information as Paris Hilton is to entertainment.

I know some who think FOX news is entertainment.

FOX themselves officially described their news division as "entertainment" in a court case several years ago. It was how they got out from under a slander/libel case.

The Fox family living under my porch were very entertaining last year.

Never watched Fox even once, Limbaugh makes me gag if I hear his voice I turn the station as quickly as I can.




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