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     Finally,Finally, Finally....one of the greatest problems that has baffled mankind for centuries has a solution.  No longer will the frustration and despair and the relentless searching go on for men mostly,  and occasionally a woman. Everyone is familiar with the  international organization called Parents Without Partners (PWP),devoted to the welfare and interests of single parents and their children. Well, using PWP  as their model, a group of Reebok and Nike entrepreneurs have come up with a brilliant solution to a problem plaguing mankind ever since homo erectus did his first laundry.  I'm talking about the missing sock. !!!

     These Reebok and Nike colleagues   have founded a company called Socks Without Partners (SWP).  Now this might sound like a hoity toity enterprise but as we all know , that missing sock is what so many people are looking for and never find.  The need to avoid the serious dressing ramifications and the often ensuing marital strife because of a missing sock, is now at your fingertips ,or shall we say toetips. 
     The first and Flagship store of Socks Without Partners is located in the heart and sole in New York City's Manhattan's Times Square . At this podiatric and pedophilic location , SWP has leased a building with 12  floors containing an estimated 2.5 million socks of every style, fabric, color, and size. Just bring in the mate of a sock that's missing and a specially trained SWP associate will direct you to the floor to find its mate.  In just a few moments, your sock will be partnered again with its sole mate. That's correct. SWP will sock it to you.
     Customers are encouraged to browse through the 12 floors where they can see the selection  and variety of socks from around the world  and  even enjoy  some sock hop dancing  and an array of sole food as well as delicious entrees like tussock farmed beef,  horseshoe crabs, sockeye  salmon,  and shoe fly pie. In the upcoming year, SWP will  be opening other stores on  Long  Island as well as locations in New Jersey, Connecticut,and Pennsylvania.  The proposed opening of a location in Hawaii was rejected as most natives there wear sandals without socks. 
     An on line Socks Without Partners idea was dismissed as SWP executives felt this type of sock viewing does not work. The sock mates need to be felt and tried on in person. Amazon.Com had tried unsuccessfully to go into the missing sock business and more than 90% of the mates were not compatible. The sheer joy and relief one gets by finding a lost sole mate is why Socks Without Partners is emerging as one of the greatest retail experiences for their customers. 
     Some fire and hot coal walkers from the Ringling Brothers and Big Apple Circus have been causing a ruckus in recent days and boycotting the flagship Socks Without Partners store. They say being barefoot is the way to go. SWP employees told them to "put a sock in it." Socks Without Partners have told their customers to ignore these vagrants in vagabond shoes and experience what real customer satisfaction is all about. Even gumshoes are welcomed here. 

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Genetics proves if your parent did not have any children neither will you.

Love it Mark - as always, you socked it to 'em!!!




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