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Whether u are watching or not watching The Olympics--U just gotta be aware of and proud of how our Country (Sorry BAF and MM--U know we love ya!), is performing!  We currently have the most medals then any other competing Countries--a total of 14 medals--including 5 Golds, (Also more then any other Countries!).  We won 6 medals during yesterday's events--which is a record for the most medals won in one day by one country ever!  WOO HOO!!


Ok--say it with me--will u?


USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!

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Bul-ga-ria, Bul-ga-ria
Do u actually live in Vancouver?
I do envy you /just a little/ B A F ...
Envy you sweetheart! Party down for me too! Oh - and buy some Purdy's chocolates!
USA snowboarding rocked! Male skater took a gold too ; )
snowboarding was AWESOME!
That is an exciting sport to watch.
And all the people doing it seem so happy and cool.
Team USA is now up to 18 medals--including 6 golds! The closest Country to us is Germany--who have 11 medals--with 4 of those being gold!




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