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In Ohio a man who allegedly dismembered his girlfriend says that he met her online.

Does it frighten you to actually meet someone that you've had contact with online?  Does it make a difference which site you meet them on?





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Definitely avoid MeatCleaverMingle.net

Too long of a story to revive, but I was phone stalked by a megalomaniac psychic poser. No, it wasn't Mary Ellen.


The net is where us nuts hang out.

I've met 10 people face to face that I've met online. Larry and Robbie were the only scary ones.


It just seems like we hear all about the ones that go wrong.

Mine went SO right. :-)

That was when TBD was a safe place.....;->

I think that's still considered news that's fit to print. Ugh.

Generally speaking, I've not gone out of my way to meet people in real life whom I first met on line.

The big exception to that are those TBD/MA folks I've met in person.  That has been a pleasant experience each and every time.

I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, though.....there are a some people from the various TBD/MAs that I really wouldn't care to be around.

Hey now...I didn't try and stab you with my fork did I?

Nope, we had a very enjoyable breakfast.  And next time, I also look forward to meeting Cowboy.  Uh, would he wear those god awful boots?  LOL!




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