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My husband, George James Evan, passed away early this morning.


He had been battling several illnesses for 8 years, took a turn for the worse in September 2012, and another in March, 2013.


He was the best, kindest husband any woman could have had.

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What a lovely pair you made.

Thank you, P.A.

I remember that day!! I am blessed to have met you and George. Your love shines through as much as his does :)



Joanne, I remember that day too!  George and I were very happy to meet you as well.

Goldilocks, i've not been good about visiting here, but I've not forgotten you.

Holding you in my heart, still.

Thank you, ((((Lynn.))))

Goldi, I think of George, and you, often.  Haven't seen you in weeks, but hope you're doing well.

Thank you, Cat, I'm so glad you are thinking of George too.  He loved the get-togethers as well.


I'm still on Facebook, TBDning, Google+, and Pinterest.  I am so grateful for the kindness of friends at this time.    ♥




I was bumbling around on Facebook this morning and found the "pokes" that I had overlooked.  There were five that I had not poked back starting with one from you 11 months ago and including one from George 6 months ago.  I poked you all back, including George!

Remembering the good times~~~


Thank you, Baia.  There have definitely been good times!  ♥


I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences.




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