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I'm sure if we all think about it, if we've been out on dates since we became single again, that there are some really funny stories.  Let's share ours and see who's is funniest. 

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Unlike Woody I don't have any funny dating stories eventhough I'm on most of the same dating sites as he. ! have had situations where I met the guy once or in one case several times and I called it off and they wouldn't let go. In 2 cases these were men 10 and 20 yrs younger than me and they were sort of shallow guys and couldn't understand that I wanted more in the relationship than they wanted to offer. I seldom go on the dating sites now although I still have memberships which I plan on letting lapse as they come due. Have been mulling over joining the AARP one but not sure if it's worth the effort to create another profile. That gets tiring after about the fourth one!

I had considered going on a dating site from time to time but never have. Hearing and reading horror stories about it on forums like this tended to discourage me, not that I needed much discouragement. Now, I honestly have no desire to even consider it. I'm fine with being alone, in many cases, more than fine. And at my age, what's the point?

Where are the rest of our men???  I want to know what you all think.  I'm ready to stalk Woody Woods...LOL!!!

I don't think guys like to answer these type questions Suthin.  I'm sure they have the same issues we do. 


There's something I miss that used to be really good for singles online,

and that was several decent Chat Rooms for mature age folk.

Back in 2004,5,6 you could depend on having a riot of a time

that involved a lot of flirting and inuendo, besides sharing what

might have happened recently, and what I really valued was that

there could be a lot of `risque' comments flying around,

and folk knew how to behave without using the `f' word

and getting too over the top with explicit sex talk.

What did happen is that when the same folk regularly

come to spend time in these sort of rooms, it gave us

a chance, over the course of time to get to know 

one another, even though we might not even know

what that other person looked like, and naturally,

it was always a buzz to come across other folk that

lived in the same country as I did, there seemed always

to be a lot of U.K and American people in these rooms,

and we were always laughing together.

Over time, there were folk who actually did go and meet up

with each other, and then become couples in the Chat Room.

Now, except for Senior Friend Finder, I cannot find any other

Chat Rooms that are without all the young ones swearing all the time.

I really miss those times.

That's a classic ! lol.

Lynn, that story is hilarious.  I had one date from online.  He seemed nice enough in emails, phone calls.  He told me he was a little overweight.  I said so was I, but was working on that.  I show up and had I realized who the HUGE guy was I would have kept driving.  He had to be in excess of 400 LBS.  All I could think was if he lied about something so obvious what else would he lie about.  I was so aggravated I had trouble making small talk.  I was in real estate for 25+ years, so talking to strangers is no big deal.  I later found out that he was a realtor also.  Had I had his full name, I would have known about how big he was.  He advertised as our county's largest realtor.  Usually that's some brokerage advertising they are the largest company.  Not so in his case.  I still laugh about it. 

OMG, Helen, my friend who lives near Atlanta had the same thing happen - the guy told her he was overweight but working on losing it, and had another 30# to go.  She said she could stand to lose some weight herself and was working on it too.  When she met him, he weighed about 400#.  She said she was really disappointed because she really liked his personality, and she would like to think that it wasn't just his size but the fact that he lied about it that was the deal breaker.  She's broken off ties with other guys that she was really attracted to when she discovered that they had lied about things, too, so I think his lying WAS the primary reason, though if she had known how overweight he was to begin with, it's likely she wouldn't have gotten into e-mailing/calling him, either.

LOL "another 30# to go?" Brings him down to a svelte 370. Ever notice how some people are in denial about their weight issues? I’m certainly not, I go nuts when I’m 20 pounds overweight. I do have mirrors in my house. Once I was at an outdoor party that moved to the garage due to rain talking to ‘Jim’. I knew his wife was there and asked, “Where’s ‘Donna’?” He pointed to her in the garage as she was trying to make her way over to us in a crowded garage and he said in his outdoor voice “She’s trying to come over here but she can’t get around all those fat people.” ‘Jim’ was the fattest person there; the last person who should make such a comment. He’s a nice guy, he didn’t say it to be mean; he’s just getting up in years and engages his mouth before his brain has a chance to edit it. If there was a hole there, I’d have crawled into it.

So I see some of you ladies have stories about men who lied about their looks, age and weight. Now I don't feel so bad.....lol......

Woody I'm sure we all have war stories.  I think at our age folks think they aren't going to find someone because of some flaw they have.  I think we all have flaws.  One flaw I can't get past is lying.  Had a liar for 30 years and I won't go back to it.  At this point my dog and grandkids are what I like.  I also enjoy time with my sons.  They are all fun to be with. 




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