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Curious as to the reasoning that occurs when one decides to change their status from "divorced" to "single?"

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Will, I like that one!
Does single percive as to that one has never been married, whereas divorced it's all ready stated? I go by divorced so that there is no question.
After 32 years of marriage I was divorced and have considered that my present state. I expect that is the way I will see myself until the end unless I marry the woman I am engaged to. 32 years of memories, good and bad, have definitely marked me for life!
Why do we have to disclose S, M, D, W at all? What the heck does that have to do with the loan I am trying to get, or the job application I am filling out, or the personal information for the doctor's office?

Next time I am going to check S, D, W, as I am all three. I am not M so I am not going to check that one.




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