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This is beautiful. Would you give the guy a free hug??????

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I would most definitaly give this man a hug.

I've seen this before, I love this video! It started quite a movement at the time.

I love how the other people took the sign and gave and received hugs.

The running hug gives me goosebumps...

you guys made me cry.

and I've seen this before.

hit me like I never had.

Thanks, Maricel.

I'm gonna hug people today.

If I leave my house.

Maria Cecilia aka Maricel or Mari  or Cel  ...I have so many nicknames I get confused.



here's a cute one


More free hugs to pass around



Aggie hug!



Sick Puppies (the band) has other nice songs, but I love this particular song. Both my kids wanted to know who sang it.


Songs are meant to touch the heart. I'm glad this song and video resonated well with yours.

That was cool!!!!


If I get to meet my TBD friends, I will have free hugs for all of them! 




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