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Not sure what happened to #1 but no matter.

Please finish this partial sentence and then begin a new thread with your original teaser.

TBD seems especially

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The Animal control officer showed up, put the dogs in his truck and drove away.

It seems that
the neighbor came knocking on Matilda's door angrily accusing her of calling animal control.

Although she denied . . .
Calling the animal control offficer, she did admit to eating the steak.

The neighbor calmed down and
threw a keg party.

The dogs lifted their legs on the
...animal control officer's new shoes and ran back home to confirm Matilda's story. As they cheerfully circulated among the guests and lapped up the spilled beer, they were amazed to see half a dozen of the fellows on the patio demonstrating their salsa moves. The shepherd said to the Yorkie, ...
. . . pity you're so small, I rather fancy you, guess I'll have to settle for that Standard Poodle - mind she's so snooty!

The Poodle overheard the German Shepherd and sniffed as she quipped . . .
"Well, just be careful not to walk into the wrong poodle," and she turned her back and continued her conversation with a hunky little English bulldog. GS' ears drooped for a moment, then he perked up as he looked again at the Yorkie and said, "well, I guess you're stuck with me for now, if you don't mind. May I accompany you to the water bowl? And do try some of this kibble, it's oven-toasted with parmesan."

The salsa group had just fallen...
on their asses from too much Tequila.

The next act to appear was the
neighbor's Abyssinian cat, who demonstrated a passable belly dance. As soon as she had finished, the sky darkened and a
plane crashed into the walmart.

people were running out with
honk their horns?

The neighbor is determined to catch the..
...Garbage Man going through the...




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