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Not sure what happened to #1 but no matter.

Please finish this partial sentence and then begin a new thread with your original teaser.

TBD seems especially

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mirror the other day.

Now as I sit and reflect,
I realize that the mirror wasn't the problem.

Instead, it was the . . .
seashells, which was odd because.........
there was a fight over parking spaces, so one neighbor to settle it went and got his....
attack cat with all 4 claws long and sharp.

Then the . . . .
cat was out of the bag.

You just can't put a genie back in the bottle, once
but genies are famous for granting wishes

so why not . . .
wish for warm sunshiny days

without the risk of
slimy fish.

As Lou Dobbs Said,
President Obama is a citizen born in hawaii

So why is it so difficult . . .
(oh, my goodness, Tab, you & Robbie are opening up a political can of worms! ;-p)

for people to put their brains in gear before they put their mouths in motion?

Can't we just.....

After all, it's . . .




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