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Anyone addicted to Farmville?

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Was on both, but Farmtown kept jacking my computer up, so I deleted it, losing the farm as it were. Still on Farmville, but as was mentioned, harvesting is very time consuming, as well as boring.
I played it for a while, but got interested in other things during the lag time.
You should have seen the Neopets community designed for children, but many older people were hooked. Cool concept....you have to raise a cute virtual pet (pokemon-like) and you have your pet play games, fight, and bid on the stockmarket (simulating the real one). It was a cool community. I got several students hooked. Though it pissed me off royally when my 10 or 11 yr old daughter at the time (this was years ago) got into a real argument with me and then in vengance killed off my Neopet yellow Kacheek . lol


BTW, I met the CEO and designers of Neopets. He gave me his own personal blue kacheek keychain from his pants pocket. I still have that keychain in my lingerie drawer after all these years. LoL
Now I understand why some girl sent me a radish.
I thought it was my disposition?




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