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Anyone addicted to Farmville?

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My Mother thinks I'm nuts. She says, " You do that for real, why would you want to do it on a computer"? I have no answer for her. I think, she thinks, that her eldest spawn is loosing it.
Actually YES!
It's fun isn't it j lee? I find myself scheduling my life around planting and harvesting virtual crops. Maybe Mom is right, that does sound a little nuts.
Oh yes.I love the game. Thank-you for the reminder BTW. I had to harvest some Tulips for my co-op. Think we are getting the gold on that!
I'm Jack Strickland over there, so you can look me up for the game if you like. I've got a couple of friends over ,"The Blevins" and they make some of the most interesting farms. Everybody does really I suppose, but I am fond of theirs in particular.
My Mother plays it , she gets frustrated with the slowness quite a bit.
It's a disease. 83 million people play FV. This guy lost his job because of it.
Hi I'm WOB and I'm a addict.

Farmville destroys political career
Nope, I'm addicted to YoVille!
My addiction is partly your fault Gary. YoVille was the first game I tried to get into over there, and that was from watching you talk about it here. Thanks ;-) (No, really I love playing over there.)
LOL! Several TBD people have joined since I've been Yo-ing, and offhand, I'd say only one other with whom I am FB friends with, is still active.

Sorry to lead you down the road to perdition, Jack. LOL!

and still no feta cheese.
You probably don't want to visit my farm Pru. I have these fluffy white varmin running around.
Yes, Farmville, but especially Farm Town. I like it better because it's more social. I can go work (and earn money) working other peoples' farms in real time, and have conversations with them in the chat feature.




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