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Welcome to the forum where you can laugh at somebody else's misfortune and mistakes, the exercise in futility and Murphy's Law. I must give thanks to despair.com for a lot of the images and the inspiration. The gloves are off...!ENJOY!

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Now there is a great way to cut the cheese!
"No, no, no...it goes in the cargo bay!!"
"Uh, Captain, I believe we may possibly have a problem here. The gyro is going crazy, and we seem to have slowed down to a crawl."

Oh, my gosh! This kid learns fast! Good thing she wore something underneath.

Uh, excuse me. Pardon me, but isn't the object supposed to be to make it OVER the barrier?

And then Adam says to Eve: "Better stand back, I don't how big this thing's going to get."




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