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Welcome to the forum where you can laugh at somebody else's misfortune and mistakes, the exercise in futility and Murphy's Law. I must give thanks to despair.com for a lot of the images and the inspiration. The gloves are off...!ENJOY!

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FAILURE! "Wrong end, dude! Are ya drunk?"
It's called "Canine sixty-nine"
Maybe it was March 14th.
that's just soo ooo wro ooo ng . . .
Blondes are so prone

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Blink! Oh my.
Somebody's gotta pay for this! And for those who like to drink, what a waste!
Well ok then.
Hahahahahahaha! What irony! The man who sings to others strengths more often than he does their weaknesses posts a " Failure " discussion!

So punk rock my Slayer! Hilarious ! Fascinating - we laugh almost out of relief that in that particular instance - it was not I !!!!




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